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Yogi Studio – Sunshine Coast


Our aim is to facilitate learning and growth in your yoga practice, and on your yoga journey, providing guidance to improve your strength and flexibility: physically, mentally and emotionally – When we have the power to control the mind and the body, we then have the capacity to unite the body, mind, heart and soul with harmony, love and peace.

Yogi Studio offers a range of yoga classes complimented with Infrared heat therapy and guided meditation classes. We are located right on Marcoola Beach, offering you the opportunity to have a refreshing swim after your yoga practice.

Hot Hatha | Warm Hatha | ZenThai Flow | Yin/Restorative |   Meditation/Pranayama


FIR Heat Therapy – The heating panels we use operate in the infrared spectrum producing sun like heat. The comfort you feel when standing outside on a warm sunny day, is how we describe the luxurious warmth of the studio. The FIR energy that is absorbed improves overall cellular performance. The whole metabolic process activates and energises everything from better enzyme production to the elimination of waste by-products and toxins.

Marcoola Beach Resort, 6/885 David Low Way, Marcoola, QLD 4564
Phone: (07) 5450 7701   |

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Choose from Hot Hatha, Warm Hatha, Hatha Flow, Yin/Restorative and Meditation/Pranayama.
We have classes for everyone.

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